Six Siege

Ubisoft Six Collection Plush – Ash

Recommended Ages


Inspired by Ubisoft’s Six Siege video game, the Six Collection refers to the charms that hang on the operator’s weapons. These 3” chibi style bean plush character are highly detailed, small collectible plush paying tribute to your favorite operators. Series 1 features 4 different character styles. Each plush sold separately. Ages 14+

Eliza “Ash” Cohen is an Attacking Operator, specialized in demolition. Thanks to her Remote Breach, she can destroy everything in order to surprise the opponents. Fast and accurate, she’s particularly efficient in aggressive gameplay sequence and can spread chaos in the enemy territory.

  • Each Chibi style plush stands 9” tall.
  • Each plush is made of textured materials.
  • Each plush is a highly detailed stylized version of the operator.
  • Series 1 features 4 different character styles to collect and display.
  • Each Six Collection plush sold separately.
  • Ages 14+

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